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To participate in a class and Madklub you must pay the fee by bank transfer ahead of the event.

Cooking and baking class:
Please refer to the individual classes in the calendar for prices.

Starting price:

Weekdays Monday – Friday: 45,000won

Weekends and National Holidays: 50,000won

Adults: 20,000won
Monthly membership – four dinners in a month: 75,000 won
Children younger than 12 years (international age): 15,000 won

Classes with children:
One adult and one child younger than 15 years (international age): 60,000 won
Children age 15 or older: as adults

Customized class:
Price depends on content. An additional fee of 10,000won per person will be added.

Studio rental:
Monday, Tuesday: 15.000 won per hour, all day (8 hours) 100,000won
Wednesday, Friday: 25,000 won per hour
Saturday: 40,000 won per hour
Sunday: 40,000 won per hour

Email: minimum 6 days ahead for inquiries about booking a customized class and studio rental.