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Mad & Hygge’s classes give you hands on experience and background information on dishes and recipes that in some cases date back to the Vikings. You will make and taste foods and breads that so far have been unavailable in Korea and you will be introduced to quality products and information on where to buy them in Korea.

Classes are held in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and you receive no certificates at all.
I teach primarily in English but recipes will be given in both English and Korean.

In Mad & Hygge’s classes I give a thorough demonstration and explain along the way before it’s your turn!

I teach classes on how to make sourdoughs, breads made on sour dough, cookies, and cakes and I host baking classes for children and families.

The cooking classes focus on a Scandinavian dish with sides, garnish or condiments.
I offer classes on dishes prepared in the oven, stews, roasts, dishes with ground meats, salads, pasta, vegetables, open faced Scandinavian sandwiches, desserts, cooking with kids and couple cooking.

You can also take a theme class preparing cakes and cookies for Valentine’s Day, Seollal,White day, Black Day, Chuseok and Christmas. You get tasters at the studio and your baked goods to take home.

Please check the Calendar for classes and registration.

It is possible to have a customized class for a group a of minimum of 6 friends.

Contact for inquiry.

Cooking Studio

You will make and taste foods and breads that so far have been unavailable in Korea.