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Phone: 010-2993-8955
Facebook: Madoghygge

Korea Exchange Bank (KEB)
Account no. 620 243155 671
Recipient: Salling Anne Katrine Madoghygge

About me

Mad og Hygge is Danish and means Food and Coziness. Hygge is a big part of Danish culture and involves hours of foods, cakes, beer and coffee consuming in good company.

Mad & Hygge is a small cooking and baking studio between Hongdae and Sinchon. The decor and interior recreates the warm atmosphere of a Danish summer residence but in the end it’s all about the people.

Mad & Hygge’s mission is about making Scandinavian food known in Korea and spreading the Danish “hygge” culture to Koreans as well as foreigners.

I was born in Korea and adopted to Denmark where I grew up. In 2013 I settled in Korea, but I missed Danish food and hygge so I decided to create it at my own space.

I hope you will join my classes and come “hygge” with me!

AK Salling


Guro-gu, Sindorimdong 413-9